Happy Trails supporting session

This session was facilitated in the MMU Brooks building from 9:30am-1.30pm. Children from St Mary’s primary school had come to visit the university. Mark and Louise were the ones running it. The first activity of the day involved the children completing their first task that they had begun in the session earlier. In pairs they had created a poster of what Piccadilly gardens looked like in the past and what they wanted it to look like. They wrote a paragraph about it too explaining what aspects of the garden they admired and what should be done to improve the area. The second activity was when we had gone outside onto the small field of grass and the children had performed some poems about education that they had practiced at school.

Overall this session was really interesting because it gave me a gist of what it would be like working in a primary school, therefore it wasn’t only good fun but I gained experience too. I found enticing what the children had to say because some children said things which you wouldn’t imagine children their age to say; they were full of weird and wonderful questions which I had a good time thinking carefully about how I was going to answer them.

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